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default African Gadgets: What “Hi-Tech” Means in Africa

el 18/6/2009, 9:53 pm
African Gadgets: What “Hi-Tech” Means in Africa

When two civilizations collide,
very interesting realia can be born on the edge.
Hardly can we imagine the way of life in other countries but here
are some examples for you to try to picture how people live in Africa.
In the world where there are no iPods, not even CD-players, here is a good way-out for the music fans:

Either there is no network or this man just likes how this improvised earring looks:

This one just looks so real:

This one should be used on the banners advertising Sony laptops:

African kids are so creative:

The following construction obviously took much time to build but, boy, it works like a charm:

A home-made wheel chair: a white plastic garden chair, two big bicycle wheels and two children’s bike wheels.

This one is not quite a gadget but it so vividly demonstrates the people’s way of life: they seem to never have an emergency:

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