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15/9/2008, 3:09 am
Por si alguien aun No le conoce este MegaTracker

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100.000 Windows Drivers (For VISTA XP ME 98 95 2000 2003) {08-2008} [h33t][migel]

H33t -Torrent 97682801ah2

Compress 789 MB
UnCompress 1.48 GB
Format: .ISO
Burn or mount with UltraISO or NERO

No more need to spend hours on-line browsing for drivers.
Just pop the Universal Driver DVD in and Windows will automatically search the comprehensive drivers.
This DVD, (Iso format) contains software drivers for over 100,000 hardware components from brands such as

Dell, HP, Compaq, IBM, Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic, as well as hardware component manufacturers Intel, 3Com, VIA, nVidia, ATI, SoundMax, and many more.

When you reformat your pc you will be mising some drivers.

Device manager will show you what u are missing by puting a yellow icon next to the device that is missing the driver.


Right click on the device and choose update driver sofware


Choose browse my computer and choose have disk option and go to your disk location DVD or UIU folder on the driver pack disk,

the system will show you what you need just tell him the location of the aplication you need for the device, if it does not work try the other folder.

Repeat this for all the devices that needs to be updated.

Thank you monchito for this H33t -Torrent Grin
All credits goes to the original releaser.

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I Check with KIS, Is clean 100%

If you find something with other AV prog

I DONT ANSWER in any comment.



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Thanks & Enjoy!!!

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H33t -Torrent Migel

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18 files

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Info Hash:d803ac912acd9f2757cd431b3ea6130d407ddbec

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